Our checks will help to identify small problems before they become potentially major issues. We do the following inspection:

 Identification Check

Verify identity of vehicles by checking the chassis and engine numbers against the vehicle documentation.

 Above-Carriage Check

A detailed examination of the upper body of the vehicle, to check for defects in accordance with the Road Transport Act.

 Emission Test

We measure gases that are emitted from your vehicle’s engine to ensure they are not higher than the specified legal limits. For diesel engines we check the density of particles via smoke opacity checks, while that of petrol vehicles HC and CO levels are measured.

 Brake Test

We ensure that brakes work as they should: checking the brake efficiency, the dynamic imbalance, run-out, residual force and in parking mode.

 Side-Slip Test

Alignment of the tyres and road handling effectiveness are tested during lateral movement.

 Suspension Test

The suspension system, including springs, shock absorbers and joints are tested on each axle.

 Undercarriage Check

From underneath the car, we make a visual examination of the vehicle and oversee for any potential problems via the Axle Play Detector.

 Tinted Glass Test

We measure the amount of Visible Light transmitted through the windscreen and windows to check that the amount of tint applied is within legal requirements.