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We are leading the way as pioneers of vehicle inspection, and all of its value related technological innovation in the county and continent.

Drivers and Vehicle Testing Services is one of Nigeria’s most celebrated safety technological innovations with a hard–earned reputation for excellent service delivery and standards which has ensured the safety of lives of road users via periodic computerized vehicle inspection, using sophisticated equipment.

Keeping your vehicle in peak operating condition is the best way to ensure your safety on the road as well as reducing your overall maintainance cost in Nigeria. Regular inspection can help you identify potential hazards and save you money by preventing additional damage before it happens

Experienced Alignment Testing Specialist proficient in conducting comprehensive assessments of mechanical systems to ensure precise alignment and optimal performance. Skilled in utilizing advanced testing equipment and techniques to identify and rectify misalignments in vehicles, machinery, and other mechanical systems.


Proficient in utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and emission testing protocols to assess vehicle exhaust emissions and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. 

Committed to upholding safety standards and promoting road safety by ensuring that vehicles meet or exceed headlight beam requirements. Strong attention to detail and technical proficiency, coupled with excellent communication skills to effectively convey findings and recommendations to clients and stakeholders.

Proficient in conducting comprehensive tests using advanced equipment to assess suspension components such as springs, shocks, struts, and control arms. Expertise in diagnosing issues related to ride comfort, handling, stability, and safety, with a focus on identifying and resolving potential problems proactively.

Skilled in utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and software to identify, analyze, and troubleshoot issues related to engine performance, emissions, and other vehicle systems. Capable of interpreting diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and implementing appropriate repair solutions to ensure optimal vehicle performance and compliance with regulatory standards.

Dedicated to upholding safety standards and regulatory compliance by identifying potential brake system failures and ensuring vehicles meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. Strong attention to detail, analytical skills, and a commitment to delivering accurate and reliable brake testing results to enhance vehicle safety and performance.

Proficiency in identifying signs of wear, damage, corrosion, and other issues that may impact vehicle performance and safety. Highly skilled Visual Inspection Technician specializing in comprehensive assessments of vehicle exteriors and undersides to ensure safety, functionality, and compliance with quality standards.

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ONEX, INSPECTION CENTER, Opposite Abuja Urban Mass Transit, katampe.
KUGBO INSPECTION CENTER, Opposite kugbo furniture market, Nyanya / Maraba expressway.
LUGBE INSPECTION CENTER, Opposite Lugbe Police Station.
GWAGWALADA INSPECTION CENTER, VIO office, by SDP junction Gwagwalada

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